Get All NI-DMM Instrument Names (TSM)

NI TestStand 2017 Semiconductor Module Code Module VIs Help

Edition Date: July 2018

Part Number: 373951H-01

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Requires: TSM

Returns instrument names for all NI-DMM instruments in the Semiconductor Module context. You can use instrument names to open driver sessions.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/373951H-01/crn.gif Semiconductor Module Context is a valid ActiveX reference to a Semiconductor Module context object.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/373951H-01/cerrcodeclst.gif error in (no error) describes error conditions that occur before this VI or function runs. The default is no error. If an error occurred before this VI or function runs, the VI or function passes the error in value to error out. This VI or function runs normally only if no error occurred before this VI or function runs. If an error occurs while this VI or function runs, it runs normally and sets its own error status in error out.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/373951H-01/irn.gif Semiconductor Module Context Out returns the Semiconductor Module Context parameter unchanged.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/373951H-01/i1dstr.gif Instrument Names returns an array of the NI-DMM instrument names in the Semiconductor Module Context.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/373951H-01/ierrcodeclst.gif error out contains error information. If error in indicates that an error occurred before this VI or function ran, error out contains the same error information. Otherwise, it describes the error status that this VI or function produces. Right-click the error out front panel indicator and select Explain Error from the shortcut menu for more information about the error.


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