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NI TestStand 2017 Semiconductor Module Code Module VIs Help

Edition Date: July 2018

Part Number: 373951H-01

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July 2018, 373951H-01

Use the NI TestStand Semiconductor Module™ (TSM) Code Module API to develop code modules to perform tests using DUT pin or pin group names. You can use this API to manage pins, instruments, sessions, sites, data, switching, specifications, and to publish measurement data.

The VIs on this palette return general LabVIEW error codes.

Palette Object Description
Get Pin NamesReturns all DUT and system pins available in the Semiconductor Module context that are connected to an instrument of the type you specify in the Instrument Type Id parameter. This VI returns only the pins specified on the Options tab of the Semiconductor Multi Test step. Pass an empty string to the Instrument Type Id parameter to return all available pins or pin groups.
Publish Data Publishes measurement data for one or more pins to the Semiconductor Multi Test step type instances for all sites in the Semiconductor Module context. If you are publishing site data, the polymorphic instance must publish data for each site in the Semiconductor Module context. If you are publishing pin data, the polymorphic instance must support the pin query context obtained from the specific Pin(s) to Session(s), Pin to FPGA VI Reference(s), or Get Session Data VI you previously created. Pin(s) to Session(s) VIs include the following:
Subpalette Description
NI-Digital Pattern VIsUse the NI-Digital Pattern VIs to manage NI-Digital Pattern instruments and sessions, to manage NI-Digital Pattern waveform data, and to access digital pattern project files.
NI-DCPower VIsUse the NI-DCPower VIs to manage NI-DCPower instruments and sessions.
NI-DAQmx VIsUse the NI-DAQmx VIs to manage NI-DAQmx tasks.
NI-DMM VIsUse the NI-DMM VIs to manage NI-DMM instruments and sessions.
NI-FGEN VIsUse the NI-FGEN VIs to manage NI-FGEN instruments and sessions.
NI-SCOPE VIsUse the NI-SCOPE VIs to manage NI-SCOPE instruments and sessions.
NI-HSDIO VIsUse the NI-HSDIO VIs to manage NI-HSDIO instruments and sessions and to create and rearrange multisite digital waveforms.
RF VIs Use the NI-RFSA, NI-RFSG, NI-RFmx, NI-RFPM, and FPGA VIs to manage NI-RFSA, NI-RFSG, NI-RFPM, and RF RIO (RF LabVIEW FPGA enabled) instruments.
Switching VIsUse the Switching VIs to store and return switch sessions, return the names of all switches defined in the pin map, and access a switched pin.
Relay Driver VIsUse the Relay Driver VIs to manage PXI-2567 relay driver modules and sessions and to switch relays.
Specifications VIsUse the Specifications VIs to obtain resolved values defined in the specification file the test program specifies.
Advanced VIs Use the Advanced VIs to create custom VIs for instruments that the NI TestStand Semiconductor Module does not natively support, query the site numbers in the Semiconductor Module Context, and manage per-site parameters and store per-site or global data that is multisite aware.

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