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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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General Settings Tab

The General Settings tab contains the following options:

  • Use IEEE 1641 Data Types in TestStand—Loads all TestStand types equivalent to IEEE 1641 elements into the TestStand type palette. This option is disabled by default.
  • Back Up Files if Sequence File with Same Name Exists—Creates a backup copy of a sequence file when a file with the same name already exists. When you enable this option, the translator creates a directory with the same name as the original sequence file and a date-time suffix, copies the sequence file to that directory, and overwrites the original file with the new version.
  • Update Sequence FileUpdates a previously translated sequence file to reflect modifications made to the source TD instance document. When you enable this option and open a modified TD instance document to retranslate, TestStand launches the Update Options dialog box, in which you can specify whether to update a previously translated sequence file or translate the modified TD instance document to a new sequence file.
    • Launch TestStand File Diff/Merge Application to Show Differences—Launches the TestStand File Diff/Merge application in TestStand to display the differences between the original sequence file and the updated sequence file.
    • Preview Only—Generates a log file that describes the updates to the sequence file without actually applying the updates and saving he updated file. When you enable this option, the translator always opens the original sequence file without applying any updates.
    • Delete Previously Generated Sequence File and Code Module Constructs—When you enable this option, the translator deletes sequence file constructs such as steps, sequences, and local variables and code module constructs such as comments, parameters, controls, and indicators created during the previous translation when incrementally updating a sequence file and code modules, depending on the change you perform in the source TD instance document.

      Disable this option for the translator to retain sequence file and code module constructs when incrementally updating a sequence file and code modules, even if you delete the corresponding elements from the source TD instance document.
  • Stop Translation if Validation Fails—Stops the translation of the source TD instance document if the Microsoft XML Document Object Model (DOM) Parser reports a validation error. This option is enabled by default.

    The translator logs all validation errors and warnings in the validation section of the translation log file. When you disable this option, the translator continues translating the TD instance document even when validation errors or warnings occur.
    Note Note  Disabling this option might cause the translator to translate the file incorrectly without reporting any errors. National Instruments recommends disabling this option only when you have custom elements defined in a source TD instance document that might return a validation error.
  • Log Level—Contains the following options for controlling the amount of information the translator writes to the log file:
    • Log Errors and Warnings—The translator logs only errors and warnings to the log file.
    • Log Errors, Warnings, and High-Level File Processing Information—The translator logs errors, warnings, and information related to high-level processing of specific elements, such as <Action> and <TestGroup> elements. Use this option for normal operations to provide sufficient information to ensure that the translator correctly translates TD instance documents.
    • Log Everything (Errors, Warnings, and File Processing Information)—Logs all information, including errors, warnings, and all file processing information, to the log file. Use this option to help debug issues with translation.

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