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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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If a <TestGroupCall> element exists as a child element of the <Behavior> element, the ATML TD translator creates a test step type that uses the Sequence Adapter.

The translator uses the <Action>/<TestResults>/<TestLimits> element to determine if the test step type is a Pass/Fail Test, Numeric Limit Test, Multiple Numeric Limit Test, or String Value Test step. The test step calls the sequence the translator creates for a <TestGroup> element with an ID attribute value that matches the value of the testGroupID attribute of the <TestGroupCall> element.

If the value of the ID attribute of the <ParameterDescription> element matches the value of the testGroupParameterID attribute of the <Parameter>/<ValueToParameter> element, the parameter variable the translator creates for the <ParameterDescription> element uses a default value.

Incremental Update Incremental Update  The translator creates a new test step that uses the Sequence Adapter if you change a child element of the <Behavior> element to a <TestGroupCall> element in the source TD instance document. The translator creates a new step and generates new code modules if a <Behavior>/<TestGroupCall> element changes to any other element.

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