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Integrating the NI InsightCM Web Application with Windows Accounts

NI InsightCM™ 3.1 Help

Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 374498D-01

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The following steps provide a workflow for integrating the NI InsightCM web application with Windows Active Directory to require users to log in with Windows account credentials:

  1. Enable SSL.
  2. Log into the NI InsightCM web application using the built-in admin account.
  3. Expand the Navigation menu and select Options.
  4. In the Options dialog box that displays, navigate to the Auth»Security category.
  5. Place a checkmark in the Configure LDAP checkbox and configure the settings that appear.
  6. Navigate to the Roles and Permissions»Security category.
  7. Click the Add button next to the Role field and enter a name for the new role.
  8. Click the Add button next to the Permissions field and assign all available permissions to the new role. At minimum, this role must receive the serverSettings_edit permission.
  9. Map the new role to a Windows account (How-to). This can be your personal account or an account created solely for this purpose.
  10. Log out of the admin account.
  11. Log into the NI InsightCM web application with the Windows account from step 4.
  12. Navigate back to the Options dialog box and go to the Auth»Security category.
  13. Place a checkmark in the Disable Built-In Accounts checkbox. After you disable built-in accounts, users cannot log into the NI InsightCM web application by entering the name of a built-in role, such as admin or Operator.
  14. Create and assign permissions to other roles and map Active Directory groups to roles mapped to other Windows accounts (How-to).

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