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Deployment Status Page

NI InsightCM™ 3.1 Help

Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 374498D-01

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Location: Expand the navigation menu and select Utilities»Deployment Status

This page shows information about the deployment status of the devices on the server.

What do you want to do?

Task Action
Learn about the different columns on the Deployment Status page. Refer to Deployment Status Columns.
See details about what caused the deployment of an application image to fail. Refer to the Action Status column for the failed entry to find the System Configuration API error code associated with that type of failure. For more information on a particular error code, visit and enter the Info Code ex32e5.

Deployment Status Columns

The following options describe the behavior of a device deployed on the server.

  • Device—The hardware name of the device.
  • Operation—The purpose of the package being deployed.
  • Action State—Whether the package deployed successfully.
  • Action Status—If the Action State is Failed, this column displays an error code that you can use to troubleshoot the issue. If the Action State is Succeeded, this column displays a 0.
  • Created—The time at which NI InsightCM received the request to deploy the package.
  • Started—The time at which NI InsightCM began deploying the package.
  • Last Updated—The time at which the Action State was last updated.
  • Package Type—The kind of package being deployed. For example, Application or Firmware.
  • Package Title—The name of the package being deployed.
  • Package Version—The package version number.

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