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NI InsightCM™ 3.1 Help

Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 374498D-01

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acquisition The act of an NI Monitoring System obtaining measurements from sensors connected to device channels.
aging An automatic process that discards some data files after configurable conditions are met. Aging is useful for conserving space on disk while maintaining a desirable collection of data.


CompactRIO The product family to which the controller and chassis in an NI Monitoring System belongs.
connection information file A text file that contains connection-related properties, such as a device IP address and credentials. If a device is offline, you can transfer this file to the device via USB drive to bring the device online.


Data Viewing page The page on the NI InsightCM web application where you can load data acquired from assets or to watch live data streams.
device application Software that runs on NI Monitoring Devices and causes them to perform operations such as calculating feature values from sensor data. Each device type has a unique application.
device configuration The collection of properties that controls how a device operates, including how and when it acquires data, from what sensors, and so on. Defined on the Device Configuration page of the NI InsightCM web application.
device type The arrangement of I/O modules within the device chassis into a specific pattern. Devices run unique application software according to their device type.


feature A value calculated from a specific measurement that NI Monitoring Devices acquire, often for the purpose of trending. For example, RMS is a feature whose value NI InsightCM Server can calculate from a standard periodic acquisition that occurs for a multiple-second interval.
feature set A customizable group of features and spectral bands that by default, the NI InsightCM web application configures all sensors with a sensor type and measurement type to calculate.
firmware The permanent software on the device that performs lower-level operations than the device application.


high rate feature A feature that is always calculated once per second on each one second data set that is collected.


low rate feature A feature that is calculated based on the file length you set for an operating state. By default, low rate features are calculated every 4 seconds. Since low rate features are more processor intensive than high rate features, those data sets are only collected and processed when the device has enough resources to calculate them. Therefore, if device resources are taxed, the device does not collect and process these data sets and does not calculate low rate features.


measurement A collection of data acquired from an individual sensor by an NI Monitoring device.


NI Monitoring System The CompactRIO-based system, configured via the NI InsightCM web application, that acquires sensor data, monitors alarms, and more.


periodic data Data from any acquisition that is not part of a stream, such as acquisitions triggered by time interval or delta EU settings, an alarm, or a force trigger.
PI point A timestamped value stored in the PI System software. NI InsightCM Server uses the unique name of a PI point to write values to the PI System software.
PI point mapping The mapping of a source tag in NI InsightCM Server to the name of a PI point. In other words, NI InsightCM Server interfaces with PI System points via point mappings.


settings file See connection information file
spectral band A spectral band is the calculation of values within a window.
stream A group of measurements that a Transient, Periodic, and Event Recorder device (CMS-9036) acquires when the equipment it is monitoring enters certain operating states. A stream associates all the acquisitions in one group so you can quickly visualize all the data acquired during a stream-enabled operating state. You can view streams live or playback recorded streams.
system image See device application.


tag A container that NI InsightCM Server uses to get and set the value of a specific property. NI InsightCM Server uses these pre-defined tags to maintain property values for both devices and internal services. Each tag has a unique path, delimited by vertical bars, that identifies it. For example, the srv|prv|dev|DevName|configStatus tag contains an OK or Error value.
tracepoint A flag that, when enabled, instructs NI InsightCM Server to log messages about when particular events occur. For example, the Storage.MajorOps tracepoint reports about events related to file I/O, such as when NI InsightCM Server receives a file from a device and saves it.
trend Values of a feature plotted over time and displayed in the trend viewer.


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