EMSA Device and Module Types

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Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 374498D-01

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Parent Topic: Device Fundamentals

EMSA devices perform sweeps of radio frequencies to detect changes in the spectrum that indicate equipment failures. The EMSA device model supports two device types: EMSA-9065 and EMSA-9068.

EMSA-9065 devices support up to four dynamic C series I/O modules. EMSA-9068 devices support up to eight dynamic C series I/O modules. Consider the following guidelines when you install modules for EMSA devices:

  • You must fill module slots in ascending order starting with slot 1.
  • You must fill slot 1.
  • You must fill slots consecutively, but you do not have to fill every slot.

EMSA devices support the NI-9770 module, which can detect corona discharge, arcing, and any other events that result in RF emissions.

Note  The NI-9770 is the only module type supported in NI InsightCM.


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