NI InsightCM™ Electromagnetic Signature Analysis Toolkit Help

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Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 374498D-01

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July 2017, 376862A-01

This file contains help information for the NI InsightCM™ Electromagnetic Signature Analysis (EMSA) Toolkit, an add-on for NI InsightCM™ Server. After you install the InsightCM EMSA Toolkit, NI InsightCM Server provides support for NI EMSA device types, including EMSA-9065 and EMSA-9068, in addition to NI Condition Monitoring Devices (CMS).

This document covers information specific to the NI InsightCM EMSA Toolkit. For more information about NI InsightCM, refer to the NI InsightCM™ Configuration and Monitoring Help, accessible by clicking Help in the top-right corner of the NI InsightCM web application.

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