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Edition Date: December 2018

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Location: Expand the navigation menu and click Alarms»Active Trend.

This tab lists alarms whose status is Set. You can view the history of an alarm that has been cleared and/or acknowledged, by navigating to the Trend Rules page, selecting an alarm rule, and clicking History option in the View menu .

What do you want to do?

Task Action
Indicate that you are aware of an alarm. Click the Acknowledge button. If NI InsightCM Server has not cleared the alarm based on its condition, it remains on this tab. However, if the alarm is clear, the NI InsightCM web application removes it from this tab.
View the relevant Trend viewer data for an alarm from within the Active Trend Alarms tab. Click the View button.
Automatically navigate to the Data Viewer page to view the relevant feature data in the Trend viewer. Click the Data Viewer button.
Add a note to an alarm that other users can view. Click the Data Viewer button to load the appropriate data for the alarm in the Trend viewer on the Data Viewer page. Click the Annotate Alarms button.
Learn about other places in the NI InsightCM web application where you can monitor alarms. Refer to Monitoring Alarms .
Learn about other tabs on this page. Refer to the list of Alarms page tabs .

Alarm States

Active alarms in NI InsightCM Server can have a combination of the following states:

Set NI InsightCM Server detected the rule condition and created an instance of the alarm. The level that triggered the alarm is still being detected.
Acknowledged A user indicated awareness of the alarm.
Cleared NI InsightCM Server detected the alarm rule is no longer true. A cleared alarm remains on the Active tab until someone acknowledges it.

Manually Removing Alarms That Have Not Cleared

The best practice is to allow NI InsightCM Server to clear an alarm, and then to acknowledge the alarm to remove it from this tab. However, if you no longer care about an alarm instance even though its status is still Set, click the Action menu , and then select Force Clear. The Force Clear option is mainly appropriate in cases where the source of the alarm is known to be malfunctioning and unable to be cleared.

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