Displaying Individual Trend Values

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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Parent topic: Analyzing Data

In the active viewer on the Data Viewer page, the cursor appears as a vertical red line that intersects the plot at a point where a data set was acquired, as shown in the following screenshot.

Complete the following steps to move the cursor to a data set of interest on a trend plot.

  1. Click the Annotate Data Sets button on the Trend viewer toolbar to show all points where data was acquired.
  2. Double-click the data set you want to inspect. You can also press the <Left-arrow> or <Right-arrow> keys to move the cursor from data set to data set.
    Note  Although the Trend viewer calculates feature trend points even when no data is acquired, you can only place the cursor at points where there are data sets.

When you place the cursor on a data set in the Trend viewer, the other viewers automatically update with sensor data from the selected data set.

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