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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Location: Expand the navigation menu and click Alarms»Trend Rules.

This tab lists every rule that assets are configured to evaluate for alarm conditions. This tab also provides access to information about past instances in which alarms were set for each alarm rule.

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Task Action
Edit a rule. Click the Edit button. Refer to Configuring a Trend Alarm Rule on an Asset for more information about the configuration options for rules.
Tip  Double-click a rule in the rule table to update its configuration.
Send an email notification when an alarm is set. Double-click a rule to display the Trend Alarm Rule dialog box. Click Add in the Levels section. In the resulting dialog box, enable the Send Email checkbox, and then select an address group and email template.
Export all information in the alarm rules table—including rules on other pages—to a CSV file. Click the Action menu and select Export Rules.
Import alarm rules from an XLSX file on your computer. Click the Action menu and select Import Rules. When the warning message displays, click OK to proceed to the Import dialog box. Click the Browse button to select a CSV file from your computer. Click OK.
Note  After you import alarm rules, you must navigate to the Devices tab on the Device Configuration page and update the device configuration for any devices that you imported alarm rules for.
Learn about other tabs on this page. Refer to the list of Alarms page tabs.
See a record of every time a specific system alarm was set, cleared, and acknowledged. Select History in the View menu .

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