Compensating for Slow-Roll Data

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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Vector Compensation

When you configure sensors, NI InsightCM provides 1x Magnitude Reference and 1x Phase Reference properties that specify the magnitude and phase values when the shaft is at slow-roll speed. The Data Viewer page uses these properties to compensate for slow-roll in Bode and Polar viewers. If the configured reference values are incorrect, or you want to temporarily override them with different values, you can compute and apply new slow-roll references within the Data Viewer page.

Complete the following steps to change the configured magnitude and phase references:

  1. Click Slow-Roll Override on the Bode or Polar viewer toolbar to open the Set Slow-Roll Override dialog.
  2. Complete one of the following steps:
    • Modify the values in the Magnitude and Phase columns.
    • Click Cursor Values to set the override value to the corresponding Gap feature value at that timestamp.
      Note   In the Bode and Polar viewers, you must place the cursor at a point on the chart in order to enable Cursor Values.

To restore the configured gap reference value, click Configured Values in the Set Gap Override.

Waveform Compensation

To distinguish between data that indicates a physical imperfection in equipment, such as a scratch on a shaft, and pure vibration data, NI InsightCM applies waveform compensation for slow-roll data. When the Order Waveform or Order Spectrum viewer displays a dataset, InsightCM subtracts slow-roll data from that dataset.

Complete the following steps to enable slow-roll compensation:

  1. Navigate to the Data Viewer page.
  2. On the Order Waveform or Spectrum Order viewer, click Settings»Viewer Settings»Perform slow-roll compensation.

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