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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent topic: Streams of Data

In Stream Data mode, you can load streams of data that occurred in the past and are stored in NI InsightCM Server. Complete the following steps to load a previously acquired stream:

  1. Click Load Stream to view a list of previously recorded streams for each piece of equipment in the asset tree.
  2. Select a piece of equipment from the tree on the left to load available streams for that equipment.
  3. In the list of streams that populates on the right side of the dialog box, select the stream of interest and click OK. If necessary, the Data Viewer page automatically switches to Stream Data mode so you can access viewers and other features that are useful for analyzing stream data.

When you load a stream, you can perform the same tasks you use to analyze data in periodic data mode:

  • Move the cursor through the Trend viewer point by point. By default, the Trend viewer loads the speed feature from the tachometer that detected the stream-enabled operating state.
  • Watch the timestamp and cursor value update in the metadata pane.
  • Analyze data from all supported sensors in various viewers, even if the sensors are not loaded in the Trend viewer.

Conditions Where Data is Unavailable

The following behaviors can affect your ability to load data in Stream Data mode:

  • You cannot load trends from assets that are not part of the stream.
  • The time range in viewers is restricted to the duration of the stream you load, so you cannot see additional data even from equipment that is part of the stream.

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