Configuring Collection Conditions

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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Parent Topic: Getting Started with Thermal Imaging

Before You Begin: Complete the steps in Adding and Mapping ROIs in the Asset Tree.

Collection conditions are data set-collection properties that a device implements under specific conditions. For example, you may want to collect data from equipment more frequently when the equipment is under a heavy load than when it is idle.

Complete the following steps to specify when a device collects camera data:

  1. Navigate to the Asset Configuration page by clicking the Configuration pull-down menu in the navigation bar at the top of the page and selecting Assets.
  2. Expand the Action menu and select Cameras.
  3. Select a camera from the list on the left in the Cameras dialog box and switch to the Data Collection tab for that camera.
  4. Configure the following options:
    • Time—Collect at specific times of day or intervals of time.
    • Delta EU—Collect when a feature value changes by a specified amount.
    • Advanced—Collect when a feature value meets a particular condition. Advanced triggers support more operators than Delta EU triggers.
Note  After you configure the device, cameras, ROIs, and collection conditions, you must send the connection information to the device web server. Select the device from the list of devices on the Devices tab of the Device Configuration page and selecting Connection»Reset Connection in the Action menu .

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