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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Location: Expand the navigation menu and click Utilities»Trace Logger.

The Trace Logger tab allows you to log important details about the NI InsightCM Server system so you can provide National Instruments Support with information to help troubleshooting. A tracepoint is a flag that, when enabled, instructs NI InsightCM Server to log messages about when particular events occur. For example, the Storage.MajorOps tracepoint reports about events related to file I/O.

You can also view a dynamic list of tracepoints that updates as tracepoints become available.

What do you want to do?

Enable or disable a specific tracepoint. Double-click the tracepoint in the table.
Learn about tracepoints that are often useful for monitoring and debugging the system. Refer to the List of Notable Tracepoints .
See a list of tracepoint values that updates as the system produces new values. Click the Monitor Log button.
Create an exception that inverts the status of a tracepoint for specific device. Select a tracepoint whose name begins with Device in the table and click the Edit button. In the dialog box that displays, click Add and enter a device name, matching its case exactly.
Download logs of tracepoint or server-crash information as text files. Click the Action menu and select Download Trace Log or Download Crash Log.

List of Notable Tracepoints

Tracepoint Name Tracepoint Description Use Case
Authentication.Srptracing Reports about operations related to authenticating device credentials. You are bringing devices online and troubleshooting connection issues.
Provisioning.StateChange Each time a device tries to connect, reports specific issues related to the device status, such as the software configuration or application being out of date.
Transceiver.Connections Reports when devices connect, disconnect, or become authorized to connect to NI InsightCM Server.
Device.FileManager.SendData Reports when device sends data events to the server. See when a device sends data to the server.
DataStorage.MajorOps Reports general operations for storing data events. Monitor the server receiving data events from devices.
PIHistorian.TagWritten Reports whenever NI InsightCM Server writes a value to the PI software. You want to monitor activity by historian software.

Exceptions to Device-Related Tracepoints

Exceptions are useful for keeping the trace log from filling up with information when you only care about tracepoints from a small number of devices. For example, if you only care about a specific device that is experiencing issues rather than every device in the system, you might disable the Device.SystemEvent.Level1 tracepoint but create an exception for the device so NI InsightCM Server generates messages for it. When you add an exception, enter a device name matching its case exactly.

Note   Exceptions are valid only for tracepoints whose names begin with Device.

Exceptions work differently depending on whether the tracepoint is enabled or disabled:

  • Enabled tracepoints —An exception prevents NI InsightCM Server from generating messages for the exception item.
  • Disabled tracepoints —An exception allows NI InsightCM Server to generate messages for only the exception item.

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