Thermal Monitoring and Shutdown

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Edition Date: January 2017

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LabVIEW Instrument Design Libraries for Reconfigurable Oscilloscopes

The NI 5170R/5171R is protected against excessive temperatures and shuts down in the presence of excessive heat. In the event of an over temperature condition, the system responds at two set points. At an initial limit, the hardware and software will generate an error signal in the FPGA warning the user of a fault condition. Should the fault not be cleared and the temperature reaches a critical limit that may result in device damage, the device will shut itself down.

(NI-SCOPE) If the device powers down, you are notified with an error message in one of the following ways:

  • NI-SCOPE returns an error when you use any of the functions that program the hardware or check hardware status, such as the commit function and the self-calibration function.
  • MAX returns an error message if you run a self-test on your device after it exceeds the thermal shutdown temperature.

Re-enabling the Device After Thermal Shutdown

To re-enable your device after thermal shutdown, use one of the following methods:

  • Power down the computer connected to the device.
  • Disable and enable the device from the Device Manager.

During normal operation, the thermal protection should not engage over the rated ambient temperature range of the device, provided that the power consumption remains below 100% of the allowed power.

You can read the device temperature using the instrument design libraries. Refer to Configuration Overview for more information.


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