Automated Mode Versus Manual Mode

Calibration Executive 3.5.2 Help

Edition Date: June 2014

Part Number: 374563A-01

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For most devices, Calibration Executive calibrates in either automated or manual mode.

Automated Mode

If the IVI driver supports the calibration standard(s) you are using or if Calibration Executive provides a custom driver and you have a GPIB card, Calibration Executive automates verification and adjustment by communicating directly with the calibration standards.

Manual Mode

If you do not have supported standards, you must run the procedure in manual mode. In manual mode, Calibration Executive prompts you to manually control the standards. Calibration Executive then makes the necessary verification and/or adjustment to the device. To enter manual mode, select Enter Unsupported Instrument on the Required Standards dialog box when launching a calibration procedure.

NOTE icon Note  Not all devices are supported in manual mode. Refer to the specific device calibration procedure to check if your device supports manual mode.


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