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FieldPoint Baud Rate Settings

Calibration Executive 4.0 Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 374564H-01

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Use the DIP switches on the FP-1000 network interface module or the cFP-CAL network interface module to select a baud rate that your computer supports. The following table shows the available baud rates. The default baud rate for the FP-1000 is 115,200, which provides the fastest performance. You do not need to change this setting unless you experience communication problems.

Switch Positions 6-8 Network Module
Baud Rate
switch positions, 300 baud 300
switch positions, 1200 baud 1,200
switch positions, 2400 baud 2,400
switch positions, 9600 baud 9,600
switch positions, 19200 baud 19,200
switch positions, 38400 baud 38,400
switch positions, 57600 baud 57,600
switch positions, 115200 baud 115,200


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