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Performing an Ohms Zero Operation on a Fluke 5520A/5522A Calibrator

Calibration Executive 4.0 Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 374564H-01

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Some calibrator models require you to perform an Ohms Zero operation to ensure that the resistance output meets the calibrator specifications. Refer to the calibrator documentation for details on performing an Ohms Zero operation and for the maximum interval between Ohms Zero operations. An Ohms Zero operation is typically performed manually by the user.

Complete the following steps to perform an Ohms Zero operation on the Fluke 5520A and Fluke 5522A calibrators.

  1. Turn on the calibrator, and allow a warm-up period of at least 30 minutes.
  2. Press the RESET key.
  3. Press the SETUP key to open the Setup menu.
  4. To display the Calibration information menu, press CAL.
  5. To display the Calibration Activity menu, press CAL.
  6. To completely zero the 5520A calibrator, press ZERO. To zero only the ohms function, press OHMS ZERO.
  7. After the ZERO routine is complete (several minutes), press the RESET key to reset the calibrator.


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