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SCXI-1102/B/C Calibration Procedure

Calibration Executive 4.0 Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 374564H-01

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This topic contains information for calibrating the National Instruments SCXI-1102/B/C using Calibration Executive.

Calibration Executive Procedure Features:


Manual Mode

Selectable Test Points


Approximate Test Time: 60 minutes

Test Equipment| Test Conditions| Device Setup| Troubleshooting Guidelines| Test Limit Equations
Note Note  The SCXI-1102/B/C calibration procedure does not support multiplexed mode.

Test Equipment

The following table lists the test equipment required to calibrate SCXI-1102/B/C modules.

InstrumentRecommended ModelRequirements
CalibratorFluke 5700AIf this instrument is unavailable, use a high-precision voltage source that is accurate to at least 50 ppm.
DMMNI 4070,
Agilent 34401A
If one of these instruments is unavailable, use a multiranging 6 1/2 digit DMM.
NI E/M Series DAQ Device NI 6030E,
NI 6031E,
NI 6032E,
NI 6033E
NI 628x
SCXI AdapterSCXI-1349Adapter to connect SCXI systems to plug-in data acquisition devices.
Shielded DAQ CableNI Sh68-68-EPUse with E/M Series DAQ devices.
Ribbon CableUse a 50-pin ribbon cable.
Connector BlockNI CB-50
Terminal BlockSCXI-1300

Note Note  The Calibration Executive procedure runs in automated mode if you use IVI-supported instruments.

Test Conditions

The following setup and environmental conditions are required to ensure the SCXI-1102/B/C meets published specifications.

  • Keep connections to the SCXI module as short as possible. Long cables and wires act as antennas, which conduct extra noise that can affect measurements.
  • Use shielded copper wire for all cable connections to the module. Use twisted-pair wire to eliminate noise and thermal offsets.
  • Maintain a temperature between 18 °C and 28 °C.
  • Keep relative humidity below 80%.
  • Allow a warm-up time of at least 15 minutes for the SCXI-1102/B/C and 30 minutes for the DAQ device to ensure that the measurement circuitry is at a stable operating temperature.

Device Setup

Note Note  The SCXI-1102/C calibration procedure may return an IVI interface error, (-1074135039). This error occurs if you have reconfigured the SCXI module to measure current rather than voltage by installing current shunt resistors. Calibration Executive can only calibrate this module when it is configured to measure voltage.

Refer to SCXI Module Installation and SCXI-1102/B/C Setup as you complete the following steps:

  1. Install the SCXI-1102/B/C in slot 4 of the SCXI chassis.
  2. Install the E/M Series DAQ device in your host computer.
  3. Connect a Sh68-68-EP cable between the SCXI module and the E/M Series DAQ device installed in your host computer using the SCXI cable adapter.
    Caution Caution  The SCXI module must be cabled to the E/M Series DAQ device as described in this step. Otherwise, the calibration may fail.
  4. Connect the 50–pin connector block to the 50–pin breakout on the SCXI-1349 cable adapter using the 50–pin ribbon cable.
  5. Configure the SCXI chassis and the SCXI module with Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) under NI-DAQmx.

The calibration procedure guides you through the connections between your calibrator, DMM, and the SCXI module. The initial connections are as follows:

  1. Connect all negative inputs of channels 0 through 31 on the SCXI-1102/B/C together on the SCXI-1300 terminal block. If a terminal block is not available, you can connect to the pins on the front panel using a 96-pin Euro-style connector. Refer to the SCXI-1102/B/C Front Connector Pin Assignments for more information.
  2. Connect all positive inputs of each channel together on the terminal block.
  3. Connect the calibrator positive output to Ch0+ of the terminal block.
  4. Connect the calibrator negative output to Ch0– of the terminal block.
  5. Connect the calibrator GUARD and ground together, then connect these to the Ch0– of the terminal block.
  6. Connect the terminal block to the front of the SCXI-1102/B/C.
  7. Connect the DMM HI voltage input to pin 3 of the 50–pin connector block.
  8. Connect the DMM LO voltage input to pin 4 of the 50–pin connector block.
  9. Launch the Calibration Executive procedure and complete the setup wizard.
  10. Enter the E/M Series DAQ device ID in the DAQmx Device ID field on the DUT Selection dialog box.
  11. Enter the SCXI device ID in the SCXI Device ID field on the DUT Selection dialog box.

    DUT Selection dialog

Troubleshooting Guidelines

If the SCXI-1102/B/C module is not recognized in MAX, make sure that you followed the configuration guidelines. If MAX fails to recognize the SCXI-1102/B/C module after you reconfigure and refresh (<F5>), contact NI technical support.

The SCXI chassis power supply may be injecting noise into your measurement if the SCXI-1102/B/C is installed in Slot 1 or 2 of the chassis.

If the SCXI-1102/B/C module fails after calibration, check the connections and run the Calibration Executive procedure again.

Test Limit Equations

The following test limits are derived from published specifications

DC Voltage

TestLimits = TestValue ± [abs(TestValue) * % of reading + Offset + average system noise]


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