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NI 9225/9229/9239 Calibration Procedure

Calibration Executive 4.0 Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 374564H-01

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This topic contains information for calibrating the National Instruments 9225/9229/9239 using Calibration Executive.

Calibration Executive Procedure Features:


Manual Mode

Selectable Test Points


Approximate Test Time: 30 minutes

Verify Only
5 minutes
Verify & Adjust
12 minutes
Test Equipment|Test Conditions|Device Setup|Test Limit Equations

Test Equipment

The following table lists the test equipment required for calibrating NI 9225/9229/9239 modules.

Instrument Recommended
Parameter Measured Requirements
Calibrator NI 9225: Fluke 5500A

NI 9229/9239: Fluke 5700A

Accuracy, Adjustment If this instrument is unavailable, use a high-precision voltage source with an accuracy of at least 10 ppm and an output impedance of ≤ 50 Ω.
Function Generator NI 4461 Gain Matching, Phase Matching If this instrument is unavailable, use a function generator capable of sourcing both 1 kHz and 20 kHz ±10 Vpk AC sinusoidal signals with amplitude uncertainty of ±10%.
Chassis cDAQ-9178 All

Test Conditions

The following setup and environmental conditions are required to ensure the NI 9225/9229/9239 meets published specifications.

  • Keep connections to the device as short as possible. Long cables and wires act as antennas, picking up extra noise that can affect measurements.
  • Verify that all connections to the NI 9225/9229/9239 are secure.
  • Use shielded copper wire for all cable connections to the device. Use twisted-pair wire to eliminate noise and thermal offsets.
  • Maintain an ambient temperature of 23 °C ±5 °C.
  • Keep relative humidity below 80%.
  • Allow a warm-up time of at least 10 minutes to ensure that the NI 9225/9229/9239 measurement circuitry is at a stable operating temperature.

Device Setup

  1. Install the NI 9225/9229/9239 in slot 8 of the cDAQ-9178 chassis. Leave slots 1 through 7 on the cDAQ-9178 chassis empty.
  2. Configure the hardware using Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).
  3. Launch the Calibration Executive procedure and complete the setup wizard.
Note Note  If the NI 9225/9229/9239 module fails after calibration, return it to NI for repair or replacement.

Test Limit Equations

The following test limits are derived from the published specifications found in the NI 9225, NI 9229,and NI 9239 Calibration Procedures.


9225: TestLimits = TestValue ± [TestValue * GainError (% of Reading) + OffsetError]

Offset = 0.0523 mV

Gain = 0.066%

9229/9239: TestLimits = TestValue ± [TestValue * GainError (% of Reading) + OffsetError (mV)]

9229 Offset = 0.00766 V

9239 Offset = 0.00135 V

Gain = 0.04%

Gain Matching

9225 = ±0.25 dB Max

9229/9239 = ±0.22 dB Max

Phase Matching (ch-to-ch)

9225 = 0.035 Deg/kHz Max

9229 = 0.045 Deg/kHz Max

9239 = 0.075 Deg/kHz Max


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