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Compact FieldPoint Analog Input Module Calibration Procedure

Calibration Executive 4.0 Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 374564H-01

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This topic contains information for calibrating the National Instruments cFP-AI-100, cFP-AI-102, cFP-AI-110, cFP-AI-111, cFP-AI-112, and cFP-AI-118 using Calibration Executive.

Calibration Executive Procedure Features:


Manual Mode

Selectable Test Points
• cFP-AI-100 Supported
• cFP-AI-102 Supported
• cFP-AI-110 Supported
• cFP-AI-111 Supported
• cFP-AI-112 Supported

Approximate Test Time:(cFP-AI-100) 47 minutes, (cFP-AI-102) 4 minutes, (cFP-AI-110) 92 minutes, (cFP-AI-111) 40 minutes, (cFP-AI-112) 134 minutes, (cFP-AI-118) 30 minutes

Test Equipment|Device Setup|Specifications|Test Limit Equations

Test Equipment

The following table lists the test equipment required for calibrating cFP analog input modules.

Instrument Recommended ModelRequirements
Calibrator Fluke 5700A If this instrument is unavailable, use a calibrator that is accurate to at least 10 ppm.
Connector BlockcFP-CB-1A connector block for wiring.
cFP BackplanecFP-CALA cFP network interface designed for calibrating I/O modules.
Power SupplyUse an 11–30 V power supply.
Serial CableUse an RS-232 serial cable.

Device Setup

Build the Compact FieldPoint bank as shown in the following figure.

  1. Install the FieldPoint module under test in slot 1 of the cFP-CAL network interface.

    FieldPoint module

  2. Install the cFP-CB-1 connector block in the network interface adjacent to the module under test.

    connector block

  3. Connect the FieldPoint bank to the host computer using an RS-232 cable.
  4. Set the appropriate baud rate.
  5. Connect the positive wire of the power supply to the first V terminal of the cFP-CAL network interface. Connect the negative wire of the power supply to the first C terminal of the cFP-CAL network interface.

    power supply

    Caution Caution  Do not connect the V and C terminals of the network interface to the V and C terminals of the connector block. Doing so may cause a ground loop, which can adversely affect measurements.
  6. Launch the Calibration Executive procedure and complete the setup wizard.
  7. Make the connections shown in the first connection dialog box.
  8. While the Calibration Executive procedure runs, you are prompted to make additional connections. Follow the onscreen instructions at each prompt.
Note Note   If the FieldPoint module fails after calibration, return it to NI for repair or replacement.


The following specifications apply to the cFP-AI-100, cFP-AI-102, and cFP-AI-111 modules. For the cFP-AI-110, cFP-AI-112, and cFP-AI-118 specifications, refer to the Operating Instructions for the module.

Offset Error
at 15 to 35 °C
Gain Error
at 15 to 35 °C
cFP-AI-1000–1 V5 mV0.08%
0–5 V10 mV0.08%
0–15 V20 mV0.08%
0–30 V29 mV0.08%
±1 V6 mV0.1%
±5 V15 mV0.1%
±15 V35 mV0.1%
±30 V60 mV0.1%
0–20 mA20 µA0.11%
± 20 mA37 µA0.12%
cFP-AI-1020–20 V34 mV0.09%
0–60 V67 mV0.09%
0–120 V100 mV0.09%
±20 V50 mV0.09%
±60 V115 mV0.09%
±120 V200 mV0.09%
cFP-AI-1110–20  mA 2.5 µA 0.11%
±20 mA 5µA 0.11%

Test Limit Equations

The following test limits are derived from the published specifications.

Voltage In

TestLimits = TestValue ± (TestValue * Gain Error + Offset Error)

Current In

TestLimits = TestValue ± (TestValue * Gain Error + Offset Error)


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