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Calibration Executive User Interface

Calibration Executive 4.0 Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 374564H-01

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The following figure shows the main components of the Calibration Executive user interface. This interface provides access to run calibration procedures; configure users, databases, and calibration reports; and to view the documentation.

Calibration Executive user interface

  • Menu bar—Menu items control the main processes of Calibration Executive.
  • Device Types selector—Select the device name for the calibration procedure to run.
  • Calibrate button—Starts the calibration procedure.
  • Terminate button—Ends the calibration procedure before it completes.
  • Step Message—Displays status messages from the step that is currently executing.
  • Tests tab—Displays the step name that is currently running and the status of each step.
  • Step—Displays which values are currently being verified or adjusted.
  • Status—Indicates whether a step in the procedure passed or failed.

    The following figure shows the Step and Status window during a calibration procedure. The yellow arrow to the left of the step indicates which step is currently executing.

    Calibration Executive Step and Status window

  • Step Message Log tab—Displays a log of the history of verify test points and their results.

    Calibration Executive Step Message Log tab

  • Save to file button—Saves the Step Message Log results in a text file.


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