SCXI-1125 Calibration Setup

Calibration Executive 5.0 Help

Edition Date: June 2019

Part Number: 374564R-01

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The following figure shows how to set up the SCXI-1125 for calibration.

SCXI-1125 exploded diagram

1 E Series DAQ Device 6 SCXI Chassis
2 Sh68-68-EP Shielded Cable 7 SCXI Chassis Power Switch
3 50-Pin Ribbon Cable 8 Thumbscrews
4 Connector Block 9 SCXI Module (DUT)
5 SCXI-1349 Cable Adapter 10 SCXI Terminal Block
Note Note  The E Series DAQ device, the shielded cable, and the cable adapter must be connected to the SCXI module being calibrated.


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