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Edition Date: June 2019

Part Number: 374564R-01

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Calibration reports are stored in a central database. Calibration Executive retrieves the data from this database and displays the report in the format you have selected (text, HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel). Each report includes the customer name and address, the purchase order number, calibration date, and DUT type (model) for the calibrated device, as well as similar information about the calibration standards used.

Note Note  To generate a calibration report in Microsoft Excel format, you must have Microsoft Office Excel 2007 SP3 or later installed on your PC.

Reading the Calibration Report

The following terms are common to all of the calibration report tables.

  • Low Limit is the lower limit of the reading allowable to meet specifications.
  • High Limit is the upper limit allowable to meet specifications.
  • Reading is the actual reading taken during the calibration procedure. For an ideal calibration, the reading value always lies between the upper and lower limits. If the reading is outside this range, the calibration fails.
  • As Found Status details the response of the DUT prior to any adjustment, or as received at the calibration lab. Therefore, if the DUT is out of calibration, the As Found tests can fail.
  • As Left Status represents the DUT performance after calibration, or as the DUT left the calibration lab. The DUT should pass the As Left tests.
NoteNote  The calibration report includes an error message if an error or a termination occurred that may have invalidated the calibration data.


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