6. (Optional) Selecting Test Points

Calibration Executive 5.0 Help

Edition Date: June 2019

Part Number: 374564R-01

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The Selectable Test Points dialog box is shown in the following figure.

Selectable Test Points dialog

  1. Select Enable Limited Calibration on the Options and Environmental Information dialog box.
  2. Click Next to go to the DUT Selection dialog box.
  3. Enter the appropriate information in the DUT Selection dialog box. Refer to DUT Selection for more information on the DUT Selection dialog box.
  4. Click Finish to go to the Selectable Test Points dialog box.
  5. Select the desired parameters in the Selectable Test Points dialog box. You must select at least one parameter for each test.
  6. Click Continue to launch the calibration procedure. An entry in the DUT notes indicates that a limited calibration was performed that did not cover the entire capability of the device.
Note Note  Not all devices support limited calibration. Refer to the specific device calibration procedure to check if your device supports limited calibration.


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