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NI IF Digitizers 14.0 Help

Edition Date: September 2014

Part Number: 374716A-01

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The NI 5624R has one input range: 8 dBm (1.588 Vpk-pk). The NI 5624R does not report an ADC or DSP overflow using the sample project DSP if 8 dBm of power or less is applied to IF IN when dither is disabled. When dither is enabled, the input power is reduced by 2 dBm, for a maximum input power of 6 dBm.

Advanced Use Case

More power can be applied to IF IN to achieve better performance from the device. Query the frequency response from calibration data. The frequency response reports the device gain across frequency as measured during calibration. Subtract the device gain from 10 dBm to determine how much power you can input at a given frequency without overflowing the ADC.

When using DDC mode, the DSP overflows if more than 10 dBm is applied at IF IN. You can apply prefilter digital gain to reach the clipping point of the ADC, as calculated from the frequency response calibration data. Apply prefilter gain scaling to fetched data to calculate the voltage input at IF IN.


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