Power Monitoring and Shutdown

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Edition Date: September 2014

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The NI 5624R is protected against excessive power consumption and shuts down if power consumption exceeds 38.25 watts. When the device shuts down, it automatically loads a low-power, nearly empty FPGA image. Any user FPGA programs or FPGA I/O stops, and any VI that tries to read or write to the device returns an error.

You can monitor for an over-power shutdown using the Read Device Status VI in the Configuration design library, as shown in the sample projects. If an over-power shutdown occurs, the device also shows an error state in MAX and shows an error if you run the Self-Test.

To recover from an over-power shutdown, restart the system. Avoid running the application or FPGA VI that triggered the excess power consumption. Reducing the ambient temperature and improving cooling and airflow may also reduce power consumption.

Although most typical FPGA VIs and applications are comfortably under the power limit, NI recommends consistently monitoring power consumption. Use the Read Power VIs in the sample projects or the Configuration design library to read the power sensors for the device.

Make sure your custom FPGAs meet the power limit, and leave enough margin to allow for variations between your development environment and deployment environment. Power consumption can vary with clock rate and resource utilization in the FPGA VI. Device-to-device variation and device temperature can also affect power consumption.

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