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Edition Date: September 2014

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Temperature drift and other environmental changes can lead to performance degradation for several NI 5624R specifications. Self-calibration adjusts the NI 5624R for variations in the module environment using an onboard high-precision calibration tone. Perform self-calibration to compensate and optimize the performance of the NI 5624R for a given ambient temperature and operating environment.

Note Note  NI recommends performing a complete self-calibration after the temperature is stable (20 minutes of warm-up time after the chassis is powered on and the software is loaded and recognizes the NI 5624R) for the best performance. If the temperature drifts significantly during self-calibration, the self-calibration exits with an error.

Self-calibration adjusts the equalization filters and gain scaling of the NI 5624R to facilitate temperature correction.

Note Note  NI recommends that no external signals are transmitted to the IF IN port during the self-calibration.

For more information about calibration, contact NI or visit

The NI 5624R is calibrated at the factory; however, you should perform a self-calibration in any of the following situations:

  • After first installing your NI 5624R into your chassis
  • After any module in the chassis is added, moved, or removed
  • When the system is in an environment where the ambient temperature varies or the module temperature has drifted more than ±5 °C from the temperature at the last self-calibration
  • To periodically adjust for small performance drifts that occur with product aging

You can run self-calibration in one of two ways:

  • In MAX, select your NI 5624R module and select Self-Calibrate on the device toolbar.
  • In LabVIEW, select the Self Calibrate VI located at FPGA Interface»Software-Designed Instruments»IF Digitizer»Calibration.

The NI 5624R stores the new calibration data in its nonvolatile memory if the self-calibration is performed successfully.


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