NI PXIe-5624R Front Panel

NI IF Digitizers 14.0 Help

Edition Date: September 2014

Part Number: 374716A-01

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The following figure shows the front panel of the NI PXIe-5624R. Descriptions of the LEDs and connectors follow.

NI 5624R IF Digitizer Front Panel LEDs

ACCESS Indicates the basic hardware status of the NI 5624R module.
  • OFF—The module is not yet functional, or the module has detected a problem with a PXI Express power rail.
  • AMBER—The module is being accessed. Accessed means that the device setup registers are being read from or are being written to in order to control the device.
  • GREEN—The module is ready to be programmed.
ACTIVE Indicates the NI 5624R module state.
  • OFF—User has not turned on LED.
  • AMBER—User defined.
  • GREEN—User defined.
  • RED—The module has detected a PLL unlock or an error state, such as a clock fault, a power shutdown condition, or a thermal shutdown condition. The behavior of this LED can also be user-defined.

NI 5624R IF Digitizer Front Panel Connectors

Connector DescriptionFunction
IF INSMA connectorAnalog input terminal for intermediate frequency (IF) signals.
PFI 0SMA connectorProgrammable function digital I/O (DIO) connector for triggers or events.
CLK INSMA connectorInput for an external ADC Clock (Sample Clock) or Reference Clock to the digitizer.
CLK OUTSMA connectorOutput for an ADC Clock (Sample Clock) or PLL Reference Clock from the digitizer.
DIGITAL I/OHDMI™ connectorDIO terminal that contains 12 general-purpose DIO signals. Each DIO line direction is configurable as input or output and is independent of the direction configuration of other DIO lines.
Caution Caution  The DIGITAL I/O connector accepts a standard, third-party HDMI cable, but the DIGITAL I/O port is not an HDMI interface. Do not connect the DIGITAL I/O port on the NI 5624R to the HDMI port of another device. NI is not liable for any damage resulting from such signal connections.


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