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LabVIEW 2015 roboRIO Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2015

Part Number: 374999A-01

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June 2015, 374999A-01

The LabVIEW roboRIO Toolkit provides you with tools for creating and deploying applications on the roboRIO. The roboRIO Toolkit contains the following components:

  • roboRIO VIs—The roboRIO VIs provide functionality that you use to interface with the roboRIO I/O channels and onboard devices.
  • roboRIO USB Monitor—This USB monitor shows basic information about the roboRIO that you connect to your computer and provides options for you to work with the roboRIO. This USB monitor appears when you use a USB cable to connect the roboRIO to your computer.
  • Getting Started with roboRIO—This wizard helps you set up a new roboRIO and test the onboard devices. To launch this wizard, launch LabVIEW, click the Set Up and Explore link, and select Launch the Getting Started Wizard. You can also access this wizard through the roboRIO USB Monitor.
  • roboRIO I/O Monitor—This dialog box helps you test and monitor data from different I/O channels on the roboRIO. To launch this dialog box, launch LabVIEW, click the Set Up and Explore link, and select Launch the I/O Monitor. You can also access this dialog box through the roboRIO USB Monitor.
  • Templates and sample projects—Templates demonstrate useful design patterns and serve as starting points for your applications. Sample projects demonstrate working applications based on the templates. You can customize the templates and sample projects according to the needs of your application. Select File»Create Project to display the Create Project dialog box, which lists templates and sample projects.
  • Examples—Example VIs demonstrate common applications that you can create by using the roboRIO Toolkit. You can modify an example VI to fit an application, or you can copy and paste from one or more example VIs into a VI that you create. Refer to the labview\examples\roboRIO directory for example VIs installed with the roboRIO Toolkit. You can also access these VIs by selecting Help»Find Examples and then selecting Toolkits and Modules»roboRIO in the NI Example Finder.

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