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DisableSites Method

Digital Pattern Help

Edition Date: May 2017

Part Number: 375145c

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NIDigital Class See Also

Disables the specified sites.

Namespace: NationalInstruments.ModularInstruments.NIDigital

Assembly: NationalInstruments.ModularInstruments.NIDigital.Fx40 (in NationalInstruments.ModularInstruments.NIDigital.Fx40.dll) Version: (


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Sub DisableSites ( _
	siteList As String _

public void DisableSites(
	string siteList


Type: System.String
A comma-delimited list of strings of the form siteN, where N is the site number. All sites are disabled if the string is empty.




Disabled sites are not included in pattern bursts initiated by the Initiate or BurstPattern methods, even if the site is specified in the list of pattern burst sites. Additionally, if you specify a list of pin or pin group names for a pinSetString parameter to an NI-Digital Pattern Driver API method, digital pattern instrument channels mapped to disabled sites are not affected by the method. Methods that return per-pin data, such as the PPMU Measure method, do not return data for channels mapped to disabled sites.

The digital pattern instrument channels mapped to the sites specified are left in their current state.

NI TestStand Semiconductor Module requires all sites to always be enabled and manages the set of active sites without disabling the sites in the digital pattern instrument session. Do not use this method with the Semiconductor Module.

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