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IsKeepAliveActive Property

Digital Pattern Help

Edition Date: May 2017

Part Number: 375145c

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DigitalPatternControl Class See Also

Gets a value indicating whether the instrument is driving a keep alive pattern.

Namespace: NationalInstruments.ModularInstruments.NIDigital

Assembly: NationalInstruments.ModularInstruments.NIDigital.Fx40 (in NationalInstruments.ModularInstruments.NIDigital.Fx40.dll) Version: (


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public ReadOnly Property IsKeepAliveActive As Boolean

public bool IsKeepAliveActive { get; }

Property Value

true (True in Visual Basic), if the instrument is driving a keep alive pattern; otherwise, false (False in Visual Basic).


For more information, refer to the Keep Alive Patterns topic of the Digital Pattern Help.

See Also


DigitalPatternControl Class

NationalInstruments.ModularInstruments.NIDigital Namespace


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