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Delaying Execution Until a Dependent Process Starts Up

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Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 375191C-01

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Parent Topic: Creating a New Process

Some processes contain code that depends on other processes being configured to run. To ensure a dependent process does not execute code until other processes are initialized, place the code in a Start subdiagram within the dependent process. Start subdiagrams execute after every process has completed its Initialize subdiagram.

Start subdiagrams execute after a delay because the Controller process waits for each process and then sends a Start message to all processes. In other words, executing code in a Start subdiagram allows enough time for dependency processes to complete their initialization tasks.

Note  The Controller process determines whether each process is configured by reading the property each process sets via the Set Listener State VI at the end of its Initialize subdiagrams. Therefore, ensure you leave this template code in processes that you create and edit.

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