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Operating States

NI InsightCM™ SDK Help

Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 375191C-01

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Parent Topic: Device Software Fundamentals

An operating state is a group of file- and tag-collection properties that you want a device to implement under specific conditions. For example, you might want to collect files from equipment more frequently when the equipment is under a heavy load than when it is idle. Defining an operating state for each condition allows the device to dynamically switch between collection behaviors. Consider the following simplified example, where a data group whose channels monitor a turbine has two operating states:

Operating States File Collection Settings
  • Enter state when RPM rises above 200
  • Collect data every 30 seconds and when RPM changes by at least 50
  • Transfer data sets whose length is 10 seconds
  • Exit state when speed is above 1200 RPM for 20 seconds or speed is less than 200 RPM for 20 seconds
  • Collect data once per hour
  • Transfer data sets whose length is 7 seconds, including 3 seconds of pre-trigger data

How Data Groups Affect Device Software Development

When you develop device software, refer to the following guidelines that might impact your programming:

  • For each data set the NI-developed Trigger process receives as part of the Dataflow Script, it evaluates the expressions that define when the data group enters and exits operating states. After determining the current operating state of the data group, this process evaluates the data collection conditions for that state to determine whether to collect data.
  • The NI-developed Data Event Creator process generates new data sets for data groups according to the evaluations performed by the Trigger process. If you develop a custom data transfer process that integrates with the DataFlow Script, consider evaluating the flags the Trigger process sets to determine whether your process transfers a new data set.

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