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NI InsightCM™ SDK VIs

NI InsightCM™ SDK Help

Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 375191C-01

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October 2016, 375189A-01

Requires: NI InsightCM SDK. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

The SDK installs several palettes of VIs you can reuse to perform common tasks within the device software you develop. These palettes appear at the following location on the LabVIEW Functions palette: Add-ons»InsightCM.

The NI InsightCM SDK reference code installs several NI software packages that are useful in various types of applications. Incorporate the APIs from these packages in your code to take advantage of the functionality they provide. These APIs appear on subpalettes of the Add-ons palette in LabVIEW.

BlinkProcess VIsUsed to control th cRIO user LED.
cRIODetectHW VIsVIs used to retrieve information about the cRIO hardware.
InsightCM VIsUse the InsightCM VIs to develop device software that run on NI real-time targets. This palette also includes an API for developing a LabVIEW-based service that runs as part of NI InsightCM Server.
PointValueMap VIsVIs used to configure point mappings.
Qbus VIsProvides VIs for implementing communication between processes via the Qbus message bus.
SystemInfoProcess VIsProvides system information.
TimerProcess VIsProvides a software process that implements one-time or repeated requests for a process to execute one of its message-handling subdiagrams.
Trace Logger VIsProvides a software process that receives tracepoint instances, writes them to temporary log files on the device disk, and forwards them to be written to NI InsightCM Server.
WatchdogProcess VIsVIs used to create a watchdog to monitor a device.

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