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Send Message VIs (Server Comm)

NI InsightCM™ SDK Help

Edition Date: July 2017

Part Number: 375191C-01

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Owning Palette: Server Comm VIs

Requires: NI InsightCM SDK. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

VIs used to send messages.

Palette ObjectDescription
Send Close ConnectionCloses the TCP/IP connection with NI InsightCM Server and sends a ConnectionStatus message to all processes that indicates the connection is offline.
Send Data EventSends the data event to the server.
Send Open ConnectionConnects to NI InsightCM Server by establishing a TCP connection to the server and beginning the device-authentication process. If the connection times out, this VI attempts to reestablish the connection and restart authentication.
SendMessageWhen the connection between device and server is online, forwards an NI InsightCM message bus message to NI InsightCM Server. If the connection is offline, this VI broadcasts an error message (ServerComm.SendMessageError) to indicate it could not send the original message.
Set Connection InfoWrites the properties the device uses to identify and connect to NI InsightCM Server, as well as to become authorized to come online.
Set Reconnect IntervalSets the amount of time, in seconds, to wait between a failed attempt to connect to NI InsightCM Server and attempts to reconnect.


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