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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Device Type Definitions

Configuration tab layouts define which configuration-related tabs you want to display in one of the two locations on the Device Configuration page in the InsightCM web application. The following illustration identifies both locations and where to define the tab layout for each.

Note  This definition is one part within the device type definition structure. In other words, when you export and import a device type definition, this definition is included.

The device type definition defines this configuration tab layout.
The channel type definition defines this configuration tab layout.

Components of a Configuration Tab Layout

Consider the following example of a configuration tab layout in the JSON file. In this example, a single tab labeled Properties appears in the channel-configuration pane on the device configuration page:



"Title": Properties

"Type": deviceProperties



Type is a fully qualified path to the JavaScript file that serves as the source for the tab.

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