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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Device Type Definitions

Layout groups specify which property fields appear in a particular section of the user interface, as well as the section label.

You can define layout groups in-line, within a definition file for the user-interface element that contains the layout group. You can also define a layout group in a separate JSON file and call the file from the owning definition. This is useful for reusing the same layout group in multiple calling user-interface elements.

Note  This definition is one part within the device type definition structure. In other words, when you export and import a device type definition, this definition is included.

Components of a Layout Group

Layout groups in JSON contain the following components:

  • Properties—An array that contains the following name-value pairs:
    Orientation The position that property fields listed in PropertyKeys appear relative to each other:
    • horizontal—Displays fields side-by-side in the order you list them.
    • vertical—Displays fields stacked vertically in the order you list them.
    HelpUrl Creates a help button on the layout group that opens a window to a relative URL. For instance, a property value of help/helpTopic.html will open a new tab to http://serverHostname/help/helpTopic.html.

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