Importing Device, Feature, and Unit Definitions into NI InsightCM Server

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Customizing a Device Type Definition

After you create or edit components of a device definition in JSON files, import the contents of the JSON files into the database that NI InsightCM Server uses to store this information.

Note  Before you begin, ensure that NI InsightCM Server services are running.
  1. Launch the NI InsightCM Console application, InsightCMConsole.exe, in the command line. This console is installed at <InstallDir>:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server.
  2. Execute one of the following commands in the NI InsightCM Console according to your needs.
    Task Command Example
    Import an entire device definition by listing the individual component definitions in one document importdefinitions -f [filepath] InsightCMConsole.exe importdefinitions -f "d:\temp\9065.json"
    Delete an entire device definition, including all components deletedefinitions -f [filepath] InsightCMConsole.exe deletedefinitions -f "d:\temp\9065.json"
    Import a specific component definition importdefinition -t [type] -f [filepath] InsightCMConsole.exe importdefinition -t device -f "d:\temp\9068.json"
    Delete a specific component definition deletedefinition -t [type] -n [name] InsightCMConsole.exe deletedefinitions -t module -n NI 9211
    View all definitions of a particular component type listdefinitions -t [type] InsightCMConsole.exe listdefinitions -t channel

Valid Component Types

The -t option identifies the type of definition component you want to import. The following table lists valid arguments.

Argument Description Detailed Help for this Component
channel Properties users can assign to channels, as well as configuration tabs, layout groups, validation rules, and UX rules. Channel Type Definitions
device Serves as the master definition that calls or defines several other types of definitions, including device properties, channel types, and hardware definitions. Device Type Definitions
instance Defines properties of a feature that you can apply to a particular asset type. Instances allow you to define properties that apply to features when assigned to one asset type but not to other asset types that you associate with a different instance of the feature. For example, you can create an instance of a feature in which the feature is required to be calculated for assets of one type and a separate instance in which the feature is not required. Instance Definitions for Features
metric Defines the name and configurable properties of feature and spectral bands that display in the InsightCM web application. Feature Definitions
module Defines properties of a specific hardware module. Module Type Definitions
unit Defines the units of measurement in which a particular channel type can acquire data. Unit Definitions

Specifying a Component Name

To specify the argument of the -n option, enter the ID appropriate for that component type. For example, in channel definitions, the value of the ChannelType JSON object serves as the ID. In module definitions, the value of the Name object is the ID.

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