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Parent Topic: Developing Server-Side Operations

The following table lists some of the most commonly used messages.

Message Description
AssetMgrGetAssetNodesRequest/AssetMgrGetAssetNodesResponse Gets asset nodes when another message, such as a broadcast message, provides the asset node id.
AssetMgrGetDeviceListRequest/AssetMgrGetDeviceListResponse Gets a list of devices.
AssetMgrGetDeviceRequest/AssetMgrGetDeviceResponse Gets the device model for the device of the specified name.
AssetMgrHierarchyChangedBroadcast Broadcasts when the asset tree changes. These messages are useful if you are caching asset nodes and need to clear your cache to retrieve the latest configuration.
AssetMgrQueryAssetNodeListRequest/AssetMgrQueryAssetNodeListResponse Returns a list of asset nodes with query options such as type, properties, and has operating states.
AssetMgrQueryAssetNodesRequest/AssetMgrQueryAssetNodesResponse Returns a tree-centric list of asset nodes, including the children of an asset node and all properties.
AssetMgrQueryAssetNodeViewsRequest/AssetMgrQueryAssetNodeViewsResponse Returns a tree-centric list of asset nodes.
DataManagementGetDataForDataEventRequest/DataManagementGetDataForDataEventResponse Queries for the data sets and trend points in a data event.
DataManagementQueryEventsRequest/DataManagementQueryEventsResponse Queries for a list of data events for a given asset node id over a time range.
DataManagementQueryTrendPointsRequest/DataManagementQueryTrendPointsResponse Queries for trend points for a given trend id over a time range.
DataStorageDataAvailableBroadcast Broadcasts when NI InsightCM receives new data events from devices.
DataStorageTrendPointsUpdatedBroadcast Broadcasts when trend points update.
DeviceForceTriggerRoutedMessage Force triggers a specific device.
TransConnectionStatusBroadcast Broadcasts when a device changes connection status.

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