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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 375191F-01

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This process receives tracepoint instances, writes them to temporary log files on the device disk, and forwards them to the TracePoint Synchronizer process. Separately, the TracePoint Synchronizer process sends tracepoint instances to NI InsightCM Server and informs Tracelogger process when the list of enabled tracepoints changes.

Actions Performed

  • Reads the list of enabled tracepoints from a configuration file downloaded to the device.
  • Stores tracepoint instances that other processes send in a LogTracepoint message if that tracepoint is enabled.
  • Every five seconds, sends accumulated tracepoint instances to the Tracepoint Synchronizer process. The same subdiagram also writes tracepoint instances to the end of the tracelog file on the device disk. By default, the device stores the log in the <AppDir>\logs directory, where AppDir is an OS-specific path.
  • Updates a list of enabled tracepoints when NI InsightCM Server sends updated configuration information.

Communicating with this Process

The Tracelogger palette contains VIs you can use in processes to perform the following tasks:

  • Log an instance of a tracepoint, but only if that tracepoint is enabled.
  • Log an error in the tracelog. Errors appear in the tracelog with ERROR prepended to the error code number and description.
  • Initialize and call this process in the top-level VI of the application.

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