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Edition Date: October 2019

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Power versus time (PVT) is a time-domain measurement that compares the transmit power of the signal with standard-defined upper and lower masks. RFmx GSM uses the masks defined in Annex B of 3GPP TS 45.005 Technical Specifications. Masks vary according to the burst type, modulation type, power control level (PCL), link direction, and frequency band of the signal. To choose the mask, you must set the link direction and band, even if you have configured the center frequency. For more information on GSM PVT measurement refer to the Power versus Time (PvT) section in the Introduction to GSM Device Testing application note[1].

The following image shows an example of an RFmx PVT trace with signal power, upper mask, and lower mask.

PVT Multislot Mask

RFmx GSM supports PVT measurement for two or more consecutive occupied time slots. You can configure each occupied slot with a different burst type, modulation type, and PCL value. Multislot masks are formed from single slot masks as elaborated in section 4.5 of 3GPP TS 45.005 Technical Specifications

The following image shows the example of an RFmx GSM multislot PVT trace with an 8-PSK slot followed by a GMSK slot.


[1] NI RF Academy. (2014, February 01). Introduction to GSM Device Testing. Retrieved March 10, 2015, from http://download.ni.com/evaluation/rf/Introduction_to_GSM_Device_Testing.pdf


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