WCDMA Channel Power (CHP)

RFmx WCDMA 19.1 Help

Edition Date: October 2019

Part Number: 375421H-01

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The RFmx WCDMA CHP measurement uses the configurations specified in 3GPP TS 34.121-1, version 11.5.0. The following section describes the configurations used by the RFmx WCDMA CHP measurement.

The channel power is useful for measuring the maximum output power as defined in the 3GPP WCDMA standard. It indicates the maximum power that the user equipment (UE) can transmit. For multicarrier CHP, the transmit power is equal to the sum of the individual powers of each carrier channel. Each carrier channel power should be measured over a minimum bandwidth 1 + α times the chip rate, where α is the roll-off factor of the RRC filter. The time interval over which the measurement takes place should be a minimum of one time slot. The measurement bandwidth defaults to 5 MHz, and the sweep time defaults to one slot duration.

Carrier Channels

The carrier channels are transmitted by the UE when the measurement is performed. You can configure multiple carrier channels by specifying the carrier offsets. The spacing between neighboring carrier channels should be a minimum of 5 MHz to avoid any overlap between the channels. To configure contiguous channels, the spacing should be 5 MHz between neighboring channels. The carrier channels are RRC-filtered with a roll-off factor of 0.22 over a bandwidth of 3.84 MHz.


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