NI SCXI-1166

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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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The NI SCXI-1166 is a 32-channel, general-purpose switch module for the SCXI platform designed for switching and controlling power signals. The NI SCXI-1166 is composed of 32-SPDT relays. The NI SCXI-1166 does not support routing signals to the high-voltage analog bus.

Note Note  Switching inductive loads (for example, motors and solenoids) can produce high voltage transients in excess of the module's rated voltage. Without additional protection, these transients can interfere with module operation and impact relay life. For more information about transient suppression, refer to Protecting NI Switch Products when Switching Inductive Loads.

Operation Modes

The following table lists the supported topology of the NI SCXI-1166 and possible operation modes.

TopologySoftware Name Immediate Scanning

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