NI PXI/PXIe-2527 2-Wire 32×1 Multiplexer Topology

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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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Connect to the pins of the NI TB-2627 terminal block to use the NI PXI/PXIe-2527 (NI 2527) as a 2-wire 32×1 multiplexer. In this topology, all positive leads (CH0+ through CH31+) route to COM0+ and all negative leads (CH0– through CH31–) route to COM0–. The pair COM0+ and COM0– is addressed as com0 in software.

The following figure represents the NI 2527 in the 2-wire 32×1 multiplexer topology.

Making a Connection

Both the scanning command, ch2->com0;, and the immediate operation, niSwitch Connect Channels VI or the niSwitch_Connect function with parameters ch2 and com0, result in the following connections:

signal connected to CH2+ is routed to COM0+

signal connected to CH2– is routed COM0–


The following figure and table identify the pins for the NI 2527 in the 2-wire 32×1 multiplexer topology.

Software Name Pin Number Software Name Pin Number
+ +
ch0 A1 B1 ch18 A11 B11
ch1 D1 C1 ch19 D11 C11
ch2 A2 B2 ch20 A12 B12
ch3 D2 C2 ch21 D12 C12
ch4 A3 B3 ch22 A13 B13
ch5 D3 C3 ch23 D13 C13
ch6 A4 B4 ch24 A14 B14
ch7 D4 C4 ch25 D14 C14
ch8 A5 B5 ch26 A15 B15
ch9 D5 C5 ch27 D15 C15
ch10 A6 B6 ch28 A16 B16
ch11 D6 C6 ch29 D16 C16
ch12 A7 B7 ch30 A17 B17
ch13 D7 C7 ch31 D17 C17
ch14 A8 B8 com0 A9 B9
ch15 D8 C8 cjtemp A25 D25
ch16 A10 B10
ch17 D10 C10

Additional Pin References

NI 2527 Connector Pin Number Signal Name
A18 com1+
B18 com1–
C9 1wref0
C18 1wref1
Note Note  In the 2-wire 32×1 multiplexer topology, do not connect to A18 or B18, as they are internally connected to certain routes.


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