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Edition Date: April 2015

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In an effort to incorporate PCI Express signaling into PXI, the PXI Systems Alliance (pxisa.org) has defined a modification for PXI modules. On modified PXI modules, known as hybrid slot compatible PXI modules, the top rear connector is replaced with a smaller connector.

Hybrid slot compatible PXI modules preserve the following features:

  • Software compatibility—Hybrid slot compatibility does not require any changes to existing applications and/or driver software.
  • Specifications—Hybrid slot compatibility does not alter module specifications.
  • PXI communication—Hybrid slot compatibility preserves the speed and capability of all PXI communication.
  • PXI timing and triggering—Hybrid slot compatibility supports existing PXI timing and PXI triggering capabilities.
  • Hybrid slot compatible PXI modules can operate in standard PXI slots in an NI PXI/PXI Express chassis, as well as in PXI Express hybrid slots in an NI PXI Express chassis, while PXI cards that are not hybrid slot compatible can only operate in standard PXI slots. To determine if your NI switch product is hybrid slot compatible, refer to the following figure.
Note  Refer to your NI PXI/PXI Express chassis documentation to determine which slots are PXI slots, PXI Express slots, or PXI Express Hybrid slots.

A comparison of a PXI module and a hybrid slot compatible PXI module is shown in the following figure.

1  PXI Module   2  Hybrid Slot Compatible PXI Module  


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