Measurement Interval

NI-RFmx CDMA2k 3.0 Help

Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 375473F-01

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NI-RFmx CDMA2k determines the measurement interval for modulation accuracy (ModAcc) measurements using the following values. You can configure the values independently or use the ModAcc Configure and Synchronization Mode and Interval VI/function to configure the values at the same time.

  • Interval start—Specifies the offset relative to a synchronization event. The synchronization event is configurable as the first detected symbol, slot, or frame boundary within the acquired signal. This value is expressed in slots.

    Each synchronization mode synchronizes to a chip offset relative to the frame start as an integer multiple of the following sizes:

    • Symbol synchronization—64 chips
    • Slot synchronization—1,536  chips
    • Frame synchronization—24,576  chips

    Configure the interval start using the Synchronization Mode property and Measurement Offset property.

  • Interval duration—Specifies the length of the signal to be analyzed. This value is expressed in slots. Configure the interval duration using the Measurement Length property.


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