Creating an Application with RFmx

RFmx CDMA2k 19.1 Help

Edition Date: October 2019

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RFmx CDMA2k 19.1 Help
RFmx CDMA2k 20.0 Help

RFmx is the instrument driver that controls the configuration and operation of the NI vector signal analyzer devices. RFmx reduces program development time, facilitates parallel testing of multiple RF components, and simplifies device control.

RFmx is a family of instrument drivers that share a single session handle across multiple drivers. You need to open only one RFmx session per signal analyzer and use it to configure and perform measurements with the different RFmx drivers, such as SpecAn, Demod, LTE, and so on.

RFmx supports the following application development environments (ADEs):

Application Manifest File

NI recommends that you embed an application manifest in the .exe file you create with RFmx to avoid undesirable visual artifacts on very high resolution displays running Windows 8.1 and 10. For WPF-based applications, the dpiAware element in the manifest should be set to true/pm. For other applications it should be set to false. Refer to Application Manifests on the Microsoft TechNet site for more information about application manifests. Refer to your ADE documentation for information about how to embed an application manifest in your .exe file.


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